We radically speed up complex deal onboarding processes in real estate

Boost your real estate investment process with AI-powered deal onboarding. Designed for professional investors, our solution reduces workload by 81% and significantly improves deal analysis quality.

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Meet your 24/7 Analyst.

LAYRON is an advanced AI-System developed by Layer Finance. It is specifically trained for real estate investment & financing scenarios.

Higher assessment quality
Faster deal processing
Zero data errors

Your powerful deal closing engine

Maximize deal success with Layer Finance: where smart analytics drive faster, data-backed investment decisions.

Exclusive Access

Access the most relevant real estate projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Simplified assessment

The key data for every project is prepared for you in a standardised and easy to use dashboard.

Reduce your workload

Free up time for your investment teams so they can assess more deals in a shorter time period.

Real time reporting

After investing in a deal, we provide real-time updates on project status to support your operations.

From document chaos to a well structured deal

Centralize your investment operations into a single hub unifying information and files, streamlining deal submissions, automating routine tasks and simplifying factsheet creation. Our platform offers a comprehensive view of all deals, their scenarios and histories, enabling more informed and efficient decision-making.

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How it works



We make deal onboarding fast and smooth. Our standardised onboarding flow guides project sponsors through the submission of their project.



LAYRON in addition and supervision with the Layer Finance Team takes care of the complete preparation of the deal. Requesting missing documents, creating data rooms and communicating with the sponsor.



Once LAYRON and the Layer Finance team have decided that a project is suitable for investment, it is matched with carefully selected investors according to the investment profile.

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Using Layer Finance is like hiring a whole team of investment analysts.

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